about us


is a consulting and 

service company in energy and environment.

Our mission is to contribute for the sustainable development,

presenting solutions for complex and multidisciplinary problems to our clients.

Graffa is a private limited company, with experiences in project development and specialised studies. The company has its corporate name Graffa Project Lab Ltd (Graffa Laboratório de Projetos Ltda.), under the following official registration number in Brazil: CNPJ no. 32.285.552/0001-80. Graffa was established in 2018, building on the previous experiences of the former NeoQuanta Ltd., founded in 2004.  The company is based in the city of Curitiba, which is the capital and largest city in the State of Paraná, Brazil. Curitiba is an international reference in sustainable development and technology innovation. The company is formally registered at the Paraná Board of Trade – JUCEPAR (Junta Comercial do Paraná) and has a regular operating permit (Alvará) issued by the Municipality of Curitiba, with credential for the development of national and international studies, courses, events and publications, as well as energy and environmental consulting services, among other working areas.

Graffa values corporate transparency and credibility of its actions. The company has external accounting performed by Torre Corporate Management (Torre Gestão Empresarial), which is a company specialised in corporate governance with an experienced team of accountants and lawyers.

Our team

Graffa has the flexibility to hire specialised personnel to carry out and execute projects in different countries and languages, from the preparation of technical and scientific works to the organisation of events and training courses. The company operates as a co-working network, capable of articulating different professionals, in order to meet the demands of our clients, with commitment, deadlines, and high technical standards. The current company’s director is Dr. Alexandre Strapasson, who is also an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom and a Visiting Lecturer at IFP School in Paris. Alexandre is a Chartered Engineer (official registration no. CREA PR-69672/D), holding an M.Sc. in Energy from the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Sciences from Imperial College, with a Postdoc in Sustainability Science from Harvard University in the United States.